Damola Olatunji calls for Collective Prayers for Yomi Fash Lanso (video)

Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji has requested prayers for his esteemed colleague Yomi Fash Lanso.

In a heartfelt Instagram post commemorating his birthday, Damola implored his fans to dedicate a moment of prayer for Yomi Fash, whom he fondly described as his mentor, friend, and role model.

Expressing his admiration, Damola expressed his amazement at having such an extraordinary mentor, as Yomi serves as a wellspring of wisdom, fortitude, and motivation.

He acknowledged the profound influence Yomi has had on his life, both directly and indirectly, instilling in him the courage to conquer his fears, pursue his career, and embrace his authentic self.

Please join me in offering a prayer for my mentor, friend, and brother.

OLUWAYOMI – I often marvel at how I was fortunate enough to have such an exceptional mentor like you. You are a wellspring of wisdom, strength, and inspiration. With immense respect, I wish you a joyous birthday today. I eagerly anticipate continuing to learn from you in the future. Happy Birthday, mentor.

OLUWAROTIMI – You have directly and indirectly inspired me to take the leap in my career, transforming my fears into confidence and embracing my true self. May this birthday bestow upon you all that you need to continue inspiring others. The world needs more individuals like you who strive to make it a better place. Happy birthday, dear friend.

FASH-LANSO – To have someone you trust standing by your side is the greatest gift. And when that person also contributes to your personal growth, it’s something dreams are made of. Thank you for being the ultimate mentor. I hope this day brings you everything you desire. Aseyi Samodun EGBON MI.

May you be blessed with long days, and may you walk without stumbling.

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