“Don’t Criticize anybody If you have money Help, Everybody is going through a lot” – Actress Kemity Cries Out

Prominent actress and filmmaker, Kemity, recently took to her official social media account to share her heartfelt concerns, expressing her dismay over the absence of a retirement plan in the film industry.

In a poignant video, Kemity openly discussed the numerous comments she has come across online regarding the lack of a safety net for actors when they retire.

With tears in her eyes, she conveyed the struggles faced by actors who may dedicate an entire week to working on a movie set but receive meager compensation, such as 30k, while others may earn 100k or 150k. Kemity emphasized the difficulty in planning for the future due to the unpredictable nature of their earnings. She appealed to the public to refrain from criticizing celebrities who seek financial assistance through social media, considering the challenges they face in securing their financial well-being.

Kemity observed that many people are facing significant challenges but tend to mask their struggles on social media.

In her caption, she pleaded, “I implore you, in the name of God, please offer help instead of casting blame. Please, I beg you.”

This post garnered various reactions from fans and followers on the internet.

The post followed a series of celebrities showcasing their efforts in raising funds online to support veterans in need.

See her post below;