“Don’t Ever Dare To Intefer In My Life Again Or Else…”– Drama As Wazo Fight Dirty With Colleague Actor Omo Ajibike (Video)

Oowoniran Rasak Ajani, a well-known Yoruba actor and film producer, who is often recognized for his roles as a babalawo (Herbalist) in movies, has taken to social media to address a situation involving Otunba Omoajike interfering in his personal relationships.

In his online statement, Oowoniran Rasak Ajani, popularly known as “Wazo,” questioned Otunba Omoajike’s involvement in his love life. He expressed his confusion about why Otunba Omoajike felt the need to comment on his romantic affairs. Wazo also highlighted the emotional turmoil he is going through after asking someone out and not receiving a clear response, leaving him unsure of where he stands with that person.

He warn the man not to ever interfer in his matter again.

Recalled that Famous9ja posted few days ago that Rasak Ajani openly criticized his fellow actress, Bimpe Akintunde. He accused her of interfering in his personal life by discouraging actress Bimbo Thomas from marrying him. Through a video shared on his Instagram page, Rasak revealed that it was actually Bimpe who encouraged him to pursue Bimbo Thomas initially, but then she betrayed him by secretly advising Bimbo not to marry him.

In a candid revelation, Rasak Ajani shared that he, Bimpe Akintunde, and Bimbo Thomas attended a party together, during which Bimpe encouraged him to express his feelings to Bimbo. Acting upon her advice, Rasak took Bimbo on a ride and sincerely expressed his love for her. However, much to his dismay, Bimbo began to ignore him and did not respond to his messages.

Watch the video below;