“Don’t Involve Aunty Toyin On This oooo, She’s Also Part Of Them ooo”- Fans warn Iyabo Ojo, accuse Toyin Abraham of sabotaging peaceful protest

Concerns and suspicions have arisen among fans and supporters of the late singer Mohbad. Some are cautioning actress Iyabo Ojo against placing too much trust in her colleague Toyin Abraham concerning matters related to Mohbad’s case.

Allegations have surfaced, suggesting that Toyin Abraham may be involved in undermining the peaceful protest aimed at seeking justice for the late artist.

Iyabo Ojo had previously declared the cancellation of a planned peaceful protest due to security concerns. She cited credible threats from potential hijackers, which had been conveyed to her by the police, as the reason behind this decision.

In a video shared by Iyabo Ojo, she mentioned being with Toyin when the Commissioner of Police called and spoke to her, advising the protest’s cancellation for security reasons.

Watch her speaks below:

In the wake of this announcement, some fans have expressed doubts about the motives of Toyin Abraham.

Social media has been abuzz with comments and speculations, with some fans voicing concerns that Toyin Abraham might not have Mohbad’s best interests at heart.

Comments from fans include:

– Aunty Iyabo you have to understand a lot of the youths don’t trust Toyin. It is honestly what it is because she is not our focus right now. There are other ways to pay respect to Mohbad tomorrow by going live with us and we can have a dialogue about Mohbad’s case!

An open honest and transparent conversation.

Also, a lot of people might think she is there to sabotage the whole movement while this might not be the truth, a good number of people have distrust for Toyin Abraham.

Why was it she who got the call, why not you directly? I mean I am only thinking out loud and I am saying we don’t know what her true intentions are.

She needs to fix her relationship with many Nigerians. You can have your political point of view and still choose the part of truth and justice.

One thing we love about you is that you are true to yourself even if you are standing alone not many in your industry can say the same is true for them.

Like you said we are not distracted, let us use your platform to speak up for Mohbad. You have fans in the United States who also want to be a part of your amazing foundation. I love and respect you a lot! @iyaboojofespris

– She can’t be trusted, she’s in a way connected to these people, l know you understand sis. Please be careful around her, we will appreciate if she’s not included in this anymore, we don’t want them to use her against this justice we are seeking. Anywhere belle face, that’s her personality. @iyaboojofespris please sis

– @toyin_abraham please I beg in the God and for ur own peace stay away publicly from iyabo on this case, if u have any at all to contribute to this do it behind close with iyabo…so many of her follower are LP and their mind set is really terrible towards u..pls stay away for ur fans… Thanks @toyin_abraham 😍😍😍😍😍😍

– Toyin did nfn bad nahhhh, d news ended up being fake, had it mean she ddnt let out d info on time n d protest sabotage was true pple will start abusing her……. #justiceformohbad is all we need, while making sure everyone is safe during d protest

– Toyin na informant