Drama as actress Olaniyan Oluwatosin drags Mide Martins for disrespecting her in the movie industry (Watch)

Two talented actresses, Olaniyan Oluwatosin and Mide Martins, recently shared a light-hearted yet amusing moment as they engaged in friendly banter about their ages.

Olaniyan Oluwatosin posted a video where she humorously claimed to be older than Mide Martins, adding a playful twist to their interaction.

Known for her sharp wit and humor, Oluwatosin took a lighthearted jab at Mide Martins, teasing that she holds seniority in terms of age.

In the video, Olaniyan Oluwatosin greeted her senior colleague, Mide, in a cheeky manner. Mide, equally recognized for her acting skills and sense of humor, responded by jokingly questioning if Oluwatosin was in her right mind.

This playful exchange showcased the camaraderie and good-natured spirit between the two talented actresses, providing a glimpse of their off-screen chemistry.

She caption the video with, “In this our industry, mo mo eni ti mo to ati eni ti mo julo, Mide warn yourself 😠 😡 @mydemartins”

Watch the video below: