Drama As Mohbad family promised to collect all the money deposited for his son Liam including his new Range Rover (Video)

After the untimely death of Afrobeat singer Mohbad, his family has decided to pursue a refund for the Range Rover Velar for which he had made a deposit. The refunded funds will then be directed to his father.

This choice follows the revelation by Cute Abiola that the singer had already made payments for a new car prior to his tragic passing at the age of 27.

A video circulating on social media shows the suspected family of Mohbad discussing the deposit made on the car.

When questioned, Mohbad’s father expressed that he was unaware of any deposit made by his son before his tragic passing.

The relative, however, could be heard in the background stating that he confirmed it following a report on social media.

“We will go and collect the deposit money Mohbad paid for his Range Rover Velar,” the voice stated in the background while quizzing Mr Joseph Aloba.

Watch the video below …