“During This Time Last Year I Lost My Son During Birth But Today God Bless Me With Another One” – Singer Bella Shmurda Says As His Wife Welcome New Baby

Famed hip hop artist Bella Shmurda shares an incredibly poignant and heart-wrenching account of his past year’s experiences, alongside some joyous news as he embraces fatherhood with the arrival of his newborn today.

His message read: A few days to the drop of my album last year, I was an emotional and mental wreck.

I’d just gotten to the UK where I was scheduled to do some promotional activities when I heard the news that I’d lost the child I was expecting at birth.

At the same time, I started getting threats to my life. The mere fact that I was in the UK was an opportunity for certain people to hurt me, and I saw a video of a group of guys that had been sent to a location I was supposed to be to attack me there.
I was hurt, angry and confused. It was the darkest place I’d ever been in my life, but somehow, light found it’s way through to me in that tunnel.

It’s a few days to the drop of my project this year.
This time, I got news that my little boy is here.
I’m happy and blessed.
What’s lost can never be replaced, but I have another chance, a new lease on life. A new purpose.

I’m a new Daddy; DO NOT DISTURB.