“E ti fa! Why are you showing only my bæd reactions, I have tried to hold my peace so that everyone can enjoy the show” Iyabo Ojo blows hot at RHOA production team

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Iyabo Ojo voiced her discontentment with the producers of the Real Housewives of Lagos reality show.

In a post that has since been deleted from her Instagram page, amidst ongoing criticisms about her conduct on the show, she shared her struggle to restrain her opinions for the sake of others’ enjoyment. However, she eventually felt compelled to express her frustrations.

Addressing the production team, she criticized their editing techniques, describing their cut-and-join approach as both irritating and bothersome. She particularly questioned the exclusion of a specific scene that preceded her outburst.

Iyabo Ojo highlighted her dissatisfaction with the extensive removal of content, stating that only a mere 2% is showcased, implying a significant omission of the overall context.

“I have tried to hold my peace so that everyone can enjoy the show, but at this point, I think the production team of the Real Housewives of Lagos season 2 is taking the peace. Your cut and join is so irritating and annoying. Why would you cut out everything Doc Rommel said leading up to the crown conversation & then only show our reaction? You take 98% and show only 2%. E ti fa”.

However, her statement didn’t sit well with many who mercilessly dragged her.

One Hair Gorgeous Ng wrote, “So Dr. Rommel made you say you don’t like Laura or gossip about Laura’s show when she was sitting right beside you? Aunty, we now know who you truly are. Na bully you just be nothing more cos attacking Laura for nothing was devilish

One Oyin Folasade wrote, “I thought she was enjoying the drama. True dey smell. Queen mother isonu

One Official Kkay wrote, “As if it’s production that forced the insecure words from your mouth. Aunty wey mumu

One Star Shine Kim wrote, “Madam Iyabo just shut up, is it the production team that made you say all the things you said or every facial expression of yours whenever you see faith

One Oluwayemisi Grace wrote, “The ones you have been doing from the beginning nko? Pls, shift!

One Pizzy Bae wrote, “Aunty Agbaya you’re still bitter if Dem like make Dem post the full clip. You’re a mean girl”.