Emotional moment Nigeria lady returns home to surprise parents after 9 years abroad (Video)

A poignant video captures the emotional moment when a Nigerian lady, who spent 9 years abroad, returned home to surprise her parents.

The footage showcases the overwhelming joy and surprise that filled the room as she entered her parents’ apartment.

The unexpected arrival of the returnee sparks a heartwarming reunion, visibly astonishing her mother with the delightful surprise.

The mother experienced momentary shock, taking several seconds for the daughter’s hug to bring her back to reality. The embrace was marked by tears of joy and a profound sense of relief after years of separation.

Later, in another room, the father also received a surprise visit from his daughter. The genuine shock on his face unfolds as he sees his daughter standing before him, creating an emotional and heartfelt moment between them.

The father, overcome with a mix of disbelief and happiness, joyfully joins the emotional reunion, tightly embracing his returning daughter.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

The video triggered emotional reactions as social media users shared their thoughts via comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

Ada kaibeya said, “Another day crying for a stranger 🥺🥺”.

Ella08 said, “she went out came bk n still very humble kneeling down ah God when u lift me up let my pride be below my feet😢😩😭”.

lucuisteddy said, “16 year I haven’t seen my dad men. GOd lead me home safely”.

Atinuke Ibrahim said, “GOD whenever it’s gonna be, Let me meet them both 🙏🥰”.

Chef Soso said, “This will be me soon, 8 years and haven’t been back home. Will be going to see them for the first time this march and this got me emotional🥺💕”.

FANNY said, “I can’t believe it… did tears just dropped. so I can be emotional😳 Odidi Strong man wey I be🥺”.

E Ji Rę said, “Her mom knows her dad missed her so much that’s why she took the girls to him in the room ❤️😍”.

Bumexladyb said, “😭😭😭😭God pls I want to see my children also like this one day”.

Mine mine said, “God I don’t know but let me meet both 🙏🙏”.

Berriebunch said, “See me crying like I know her. Lord, pls keep my mum till I see her again🙏my dad is gone without me seeing him after 6yrs🤦🏾”.