Eniola is a professional thįief, he blackmaiiled me emotionally – Brain Jotter speaks on viral disæbled hawker who disguised as a lady (Video)

In a recently surfaced video on the internet, popular Nigerian comedian Brain Jotter sparked controversy by branding Eniola, the viral disabled hawker, as a thief.

During an Instagram live session with his audience, the content creator shared his reaction to the revelation that Eniola is, in fact, a boy posing as a girl. This disclosure triggered extensive discussions online, making Brain Jotter a trending topic, particularly given his earlier charitable act.

Previously, he had generously gifted Eniola N400,000 upon noticing him selling bottled water amidst the busy Lagos traffic, a gesture that garnered widespread attention.

According to Brain Jotter, he didn’t help Eniola because he is a man or a woman rather he helped him because he is physically challenged.

He however refers to Eniola as a thief based on the latest information reaching him where he disclosed that Eniola was given the sum of N600K a month ago.

Brain Jotter added that the sum of N400K was given to Eniola and also a one-room apartment for her to live in by some set of people. The comedian sees it as emotional blackmailing for Eniola to come out again and collect N400K from him.

Brain Jotter said that Eniola who hails from Osun State is doing this purposely because he knows that people are gullible, they have good hearts as they will give him huge money when they see someone physically challenged like him on the street.

The comedian frowned at Eniola’s attitude as he asserted he would still come back on the street to blackmail people of their hard-earned money as N400K to him is still small.

Watch the video below;