Enioluwa rants after being served one plate of rice at Moses Bliss’s wedding in Ghana

Popular influencer, Enioluwa, caused quite a stir at Moses Bliss’s wedding in Ghana when he was spotted expressing his frustration after being served only one plate of jollof rice.

Enioluwa, known for his candid and often animated demeanor, didn’t hold back as he voiced his dissatisfaction with the portion he received at the star-studded wedding. Despite the lavish setting and abundance of delicacies, Enioluwa’s singular plate of jollof rice seemed inadequate to satisfy his appetite.

Attendees at the wedding couldn’t help but notice Enioluwa’s animated rant, which quickly became a topic of discussion among guests. His passionate reaction added an unexpected twist to the otherwise glamorous affair, drawing attention to the significance of food culture in celebratory events like weddings.

As Moses Bliss and his bride celebrated their union in Ghana, Enioluwa’s outspoken reaction served as a reminder that even amidst opulence, the simple pleasure of a well-served meal holds great importance to many.

Numerous Nigerian celebrities graced the occasion, among them the renowned influencer Enioluwa.

However, the scorching Ghanaian weather and the serving style of the food posed challenges for him.

Enioluwa was observed lamenting about the intense heat of the country and expressing disappointment at being served only a solitary plate of rice.

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kwamezack_ said: “He can’t act wayward he should know ghana has signed the LGBT law and he can be arr*sted”

the_best_website_developer said: “Happy married life to the couple. You reading this, may you get married to the best human for you.”

miz_ose said: “How do people still relate with this Medlin boss woman ?”

minky_realty said: “Ghana don’t starve our Eni oo! That’s our National treasure”

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