“Enough of This Please, It’s So Frustrating, ” Muyiwa Ademola cries out for help (photo)

Renowned Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola has voiced his dissatisfaction with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) due to their persistent power outages and subsequent restoration. He recently shared his personal ordeal upon returning home after 18 days of work, where he experienced continuous disruptions in his sleep as a result of PHCN’s actions.

Expressing his frustration, Ademola expressed disappointment with the frequent interruptions, highlighting the recurring cycle of power being restored only to be cut off again within 5 to 10-minute intervals. He passionately called upon the PHCN to put an end to this bothersome behavior, emphasizing the negative impact it had on his ability to have a peaceful sleep.

Furthermore, the actor criticized the excessive noise pollution caused by the alarm systems installed in his locality to alert residents about power restoration. Ademola urged the PHCN to promptly address this issue and explore alternative methods that would not disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood.

The incessant cycle of power being cut off and restored repeatedly, nearly 50 times within a 24-hour period, is incredibly exasperating! IBEDC/PHCN, there is certainly room for improvement!

The recent actions taken by IBEDC/PHCN in my area have caused an immense amount of frustration. After being away on a film set for 18 days, I returned yesterday evening, hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep. However, they managed to ruin that experience entirely!

They kept restoring the electricity only to interrupt it again within 5 to 10-minute intervals. It felt like someone was playing a game with the entire process. I implore them to cease this vexing behavior and provide us with a more reliable alternative to their erratic power supply!

To exacerbate matters, a few houses, including mine, have light alarms installed. Can you imagine the impact of this unnecessary noise pollution that intermittently disturbs us from 9 pm until now?

This has been an ongoing issue for months, resulting in the destruction of electrical appliances and other inconveniences. If it weren’t for the fact that neighbors frown upon running generators while IBEDC’s power supply is available, I would have cared less about the situation.

“Enough of this please!”.