Family burst into celebration as bride passes virginity test, receives cash gift from husband

A Gambian family joyfully celebrates as the bride, Meta Mbye, receives a cash gift of D28,000 (N357K) from her husband after successfully passing her virginity test.

As per the cultural tradition, the bride underwent a virginity test, confirming her chastity until the time of marriage.

The family erupted in joy, breaking into celebratory dance, as Meta successfully passed her virginity test.

During Meta’s virginity test, a relative waiting outside confirmed that her spouse had gifted her more than D28,000, equivalent to N300,000 in Naira.

“The husband was so happy that was why he gave her D28,000, which was placed under her pillow,” she said

The video has sparked a deluge of mixed reactions from netizens as some congratulate her on passing the test while others called for an end to the test as they argue that the procedure is embarrassing.

Watch the video below:

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