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Fans drags actress Biodun Okeowo after she publicly pledged to offer help to Actress Iyalagidigba

A fan has claimed that Biodun Okeowo, a prominent Yoruba actress, showed bias in her acts of generosity when she publicly announced her intention to support her fellow actress, Oluwaseun Balogun.

Oluwaseun Balogun, who is also known as Iyalagidigba or Omo tor for Mummy, had previously made a heartfelt plea for financial aid from Nigerians and Pastor Agabla Gabriel, a renowned prophet based in Ibadan.

In reaction to her appeal, Biodun Okeowo conveyed her support by commenting in the section dedicated to comments on Temi Sogbola’s blog.

She wrote, “Please what’s her Instagram handle would like to reach out to her”

However, not everyone was impressed with Okeowo’s offer of assistance. A fan who goes by the username “neutronbabe2022” questioned the actress’s sincerity. In a direct message to Okeowo, the fan accused her of only helping when such matters became public.

The user wrote, “@officialomoborty all this your sheykarimi, someone who needs just money for medications dm me , u read and ignore, many of u people ,only hellp when bloggers post the needy , oju aye.

@officialomoborty why only when bloggers post someone for help , that’s when u people will start to comment to help, and does his woman looks like someone who uses Instagram? Those that even have Instagram , and dm u, have u helped just one person , may be someone who’s sick or just hungry and needs small amount, u people will ignore or block , but when bloggers post , una go dey do sheykarimi, such is but acceptable before God”

See Reactions below;

The fan’s message sparked a debate among Okeowo’s followers, as some defending her actions as genuine acts of kindness.

– @neutronbabe2022 Why are u bitter like this.? If they didn’t answer, u will complain, now that she respond, you are still ranting. Habaaa, Omo adamo so so difficult to please. How many pple have you personally thought of helping and in actual fact,helped? and how many of those that specifically requested help from you have you granted or rendered help to??. Na all ur friends wey u nor see you Dey ask for let alone knowing they need help?? Ask and it shall be given jst like d case of what happened here., yet you are here condemning. It is not fair at all. Do your bit if u can and leave d rest Biko. God bless you

– @officialomoborty God bless u mama for all u do… u do so much and dont talk about it … God bless u

– @officialomoborty so u dnt even recognize her omor