Femi Adebayo Takes Legal Action By Arresting Against Those Pirating His Hit Movie ‘Jagun Jagun’

Femi Adebayo, a renowned Nigerian actor and director, has initiated legal actions against those involved in the unauthorized distribution of his latest film, “Jagun Jagun.”

“Jagun Jagun,” an eagerly awaited action-packed thriller directed by Femi Adebayo, garnered substantial interest due to its stellar cast and gripping storyline even before its official release.

Following its theatrical debut, the movie, which showcases Adebayo’s directorial prowess and commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment, fell victim to piracy.

Femi Adebayo provides a picture of one of individuals who is selling his pirated movie in a new update and claims that this is just the beginning.

He wrote, ” *URGENT: Anti-Piracy Warning!*

Piracy is a criminal act that threatens the very essence of our creative industry.

Persons have already begun pirating this labour of love. Some have been apprehended like in the photo, and we’re relentlessly pursuing others and bring them to book!

Our search includes persons downloading the movie from unauthorized sites, including telegram groups!

These actions are a grave impediment to Nollywood’s rightful place in the entertainment industry.

If you possess any information about individuals involved in producing or distributing pirated copies of Jagun Jagun, I implore you to share it with us immediately via DM or email.

We really have to protect Nollywood’s future and support legitimate creators.”