“For The First Time To Be Seen In Toronto Canada Vibing To Niger Dance”– Actor Kunle Afod Says As He Visits Canada Meet Starboy Temitayo (Video)

Kunle Afod, the celebrated Nollywood actor and filmmaker, is currently enjoying a vacation in Toronto, Canada. During his trip, he has been sharing delightful moments on Instagram, including a brief video of himself and Starboy Temidayo, along with their friends, showcasing their impressive dance moves.

This marks Kunle Afod’s first experience in Canada, and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time, capturing and sharing cherished moments with Temidayo online.

Adekunle Afod is a versatile figure in the Nollywood industry, known for his proficiency as an actor, movie maker, father, husband, producer, movie director, brand ambassador, and brand influencer. With an extensive social media following of around 1,600,000, he is acclaimed for his dynamic performances, ruggedness, and versatility in Yoruba movies.

Kunle Afod stands out in the industry due to his striking appearance, creativity, skillfulness, and exceptional acting abilities. He has been featured in numerous films and boasts an impressive track record as a successful movie producer.

Watch his video below;