“From pretty girl to fine boy” – Mother cries out as little daughter returns home with bald head after installing braided wig (Video)

A Nigerian mother stirred online discussions by sharing a video of her daughter returning home with a bald head after having a braided wig installed.

Posted on TikTok by @adapamortare0, the video showcases the before-and-after transformation of the young girl.

Initially, she appeared in a neatly installed braided wig, paired with a blue jean trouser and top, complemented by a stylish pink cross bag.

Returning home, the woman was shocked to discover her daughter with a bald head, and the wig was nowhere to be found.

Watch the video below:

The video triggered massive reactions as social media users could not contain their laughter as they took to comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

joypassionfelix said, “See how happy she is as fresh air enter Head 😂😂😂😂”.

ms_leemart said, “Y’all need to stop stressing this kids ! I love her who whoever flinged that s!lly wig off her head , let her akapari breath.”

msbenny__ said, “First baby to come back with a big smile 😃 stop stressing kids n let them be baby 🤦‍♀️”.

letuspackage said, “See the happiness after 😂. Una too dey stress girl child with this hair thing”.

arikeeee_ said, “She’s so happy when she commot the wig😂😂 Let kid be kid pls coz if not madness why u go dey wear wig for a baby… which fashion you wan make her do with it 😂😂”.

queenlaurina said, “When I saw that wig, I knew she hates it and she will fling it off heheh 😂😂she no go gree for fake life”.

yvonne_purple said, “Keep wigs away from kids head! See how happy she was with the second look”.

obianuju_priscillia_ said, “Even me as an adult feels uncomfortable under wig, not to talk of a little child.
See how happy and joyous she looks after. Aseju ni wig, kodo ti wa okay.❤️”.