Funke Akindele is honest but sometimes brutal and selfish – Paschaline ‘Cordelia’ Alex

Paschaline Alex, renowned for her role as Cordelia in “Jenifa’s Diary,” has openly praised Funke Akindele for her honesty, acknowledging how Akindele’s straightforward nature has imparted crucial life lessons to her.

This recognition highlights the significant influence of mentorship and shared experiences within the entertainment industry.

The Nigerian film actress, Paschaline Alex, expressed revelations about her colleague, Funke Akindele, likening her to a second mother. Paschaline hailed Akindele for providing unwavering support throughout her career.

In an Instagram post, she emphasized Funke’s honesty, sometimes even described as brutal, attributing it to Akindele’s desire to ensure the best for and from her.

The Thespian revealed that the Nollywood ‘Box Office’ queen taught her to love and never settle for anything less than she deserves. She added that one of the most beneficial lessons Funke Akindele taught her was love, which supersedes every other principle of life. Paschaline wrote:

“@funkejenifaakindele, my second mother You’re always honest, although sometimes brutal, and made me into the woman I am today. From my hair to my clothes, all the way to my major in film, though it changed several times, your support never did. As you’d always say “If you like it, I love it”.

“More importantly, you taught me how to love and never settle for anything less than what I deserve. You showed me my inner beauty, a lesson that didn’t register until later in life but one of the most beneficial lessons you have taught me is the lesson of love which supercedes every other principle of life.”

“Thank you Mama God bless you Agunwanyi @funkejenifaakindele.”