Funke Akindele’s “A Tribe Called Judah” breaks records as the first Nollywood movie to gross one billion naira at the box office

Funke Akindele’s “A Tribe Called Judah” has made history as the first Nollywood film to surpass one billion naira in box office earnings.

Since its premiere on December 15, 2023, the movie has shattered records each week. It achieved milestones like the largest weekend opening in Nollywood, the highest grossing film directed by a woman, and now stands as the highest-grossing Nollywood movie ever. Current estimates indicate it’s the initial Nollywood film to reach the N1 billion mark in the local market.

Within three weeks of release in Nigeria, the film reached the N1 billion milestone, and it’s poised to surpass “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which achieved the same feat after 16 weeks in theaters.

Notably, within just 12 days, the movie earned a staggering N400 million, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Its monumental success also includes securing the record for the largest weekend opening in Nollywood, amassing an impressive N122 million at the box office.

As of 30th December, 2023, the movie made over N728M which made it officially the highest grossing Nollywood film. According to the Nigeria Box Office on X, ‘A Tribe called Judah’ grossed ₦55M – ₦75M a day during the festive period.

The movie also became the 4th movie in the history of Nigerian cinemas to gross over N376 million in their first two weeks; Wakanda Forever (2022): N499.6 million, SpiderMan: No Way Home (2021): N475.7 million, Avengers: Endgame (2019): N407 million.

During the festive season, the average ticket price for watching the movie in regular cinemas is N6000, while it goes up to N7000 at IMAX cinemas. Considering the substantial number of admissions and multiplying it by these ticket prices, it becomes evident that the film’s ability to surpass a billion in record time is a straightforward outcome.

In the midst of the economic crisis Nigerians still found time to go to the cinema this festive period as from 1st – 31st December 2023, the Nigerian Box office earned over N1.65 billion and sold over 461,000 tickets. About 88 percent of the business came from the 15th – 31st of December according to Nigerian Box Office on X.

Akindele has been lauded for her effective marketing skills as the key to her movie’s success at the cinema by captivating audiences with compelling trailers, strategic social media campaigns, and promotional materials.