“God Bless You With Aridunu Omo”– Fans Tell Actress Jinad Abibat As She Share Video Of Her Son Joshua Taking Care Of His Little Brother (Watch)

Nollywood actress Jinad Abibat Adunni shared a heartwarming video featuring her eldest son caring for his newborn sibling.

In the video posted by actress Jinad Abibat Adunni, her son Joshua was depicted as the primary caregiver for his younger brother, tending to tasks such as changing diapers and feeding.

Joshua’s caring demeanor and commitment to being a supportive older brother have captured the hearts of many online users, applauding his calm and nurturing behavior towards his sibling at home.

He he received accolade from her mother follower online for been such a gentle boy to his younger brother and mother.

The Video Captions: That 17years Old Gap I Thought Would Be Hard

Watch the video below;

Netizens took to the comments section to reacted to the video in a very positive way, see reaction below;

Iambimpeakintude Wrote: Your big sister here said you are such a cutie 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Boda Akande Weldon Oko mii ❤️.

Mj_luxury20 wrote: Same age gap btw me and our last born 🙈my brother is 10 now and I love him so much.

Adebimpe.i wrote: Aridunu omo ni e Joshua 😍. You and your shall live to fulfill your God-given destiny. You shall always be the ARIDUNU for your mum👏👏❤️❤️❤️.

Mumieytee wrote: Honestly, I love u my darling son🥰 always calm & cool, omo alubarika u’re blessed forever to the glory of God🙏💯📌.

Adunola9063 wrote: That gap lasan He will be like am old enough to be your father 😍Stay cool our egbon 😍
@jospeh voice 😍😍❤️.