“Glory Be To God I Can Now Raise My Leg Now and Am Feeling Good”– Veteran Actor Sule Sue Bebe Says As He Step Out In Beautiful Outfit

Dayo Adewunmi, a respected Yoruba actor and producer known as Baba Sule Suebebe, has recently experienced a newfound sense of energy and happiness.

Previously, Sule Suebebe had made a heartfelt appeal to the public, expressing his deep desire to own a house and a car despite facing health challenges. He openly shared his dreams and the hurdles preventing their fulfillment.

In a timely response to Sule Suebebe’s situation, Pastor Agabala Gabriel promptly came forward, demonstrating unwavering support and answering the call for help.

He managed to raise a substantial sum of 10 million Naira for Sule Suebebe and extended his support further by taking him under his care at his church.

In a recent update, Pastor Gabriel shared a heartwarming video of the ailing actor looking visibly happier and healthier. In the video, Suebebe expressed that he is feeling much better now. The positive progress doesn’t end there; the house project he had dreamed of has already commenced, courtesy of Pastor Gabriel’s foundation. Additionally, six individuals have been assigned to provide dedicated daily care for him at the church’s old people’s home. The collective efforts have brought newfound hope and comfort to Sule Suebebe’s life.

Watch the video below;