“God Abeg Answer My Call, I Look Upto You Lord”– Popular Yoruba Actor Portable Cry Out For Help (Watch Video)

The esteemed comedic performer known as Portable has recently utilized his social media platform to convey a sincere and impassioned appeal for divine assistance. In a deeply moving message, he implored God, acknowledging his own vulnerability and humbly beseeching the Almighty to take notice of his plight.

Clearly, Portable is presently encountering difficulties that have left him in a state of distress, causing him to hesitate in seeking help. Nevertheless, his words eloquently reveal his genuine longing for a compassionate benefactor to emerge, someone who can provide support and assistance during this challenging period.

It is apparent that Portable is presently encountering obstacles, leading him to experience a state of distress that makes him hesitant to seek aid. Nevertheless, his words genuinely convey a strong longing for God to send a compassionate helper who can provide assistance during this difficult period.

The Post Read; Mo n woju re o Olorun mi
Please answer my call
May God answer our calls
Happy Tuesday

Brief History About Portable (Olu Olowogemo Arijan

Allow me to introduce you to Olu Olowogemo Arijan, popularly known as Mr Portable, a highly acclaimed comic actor renowned for his side-splitting performances. His unique and humorous persona has graced the screens in numerous movies, showcasing his exceptional talent.

Olu Olowogemo Arijan obtained his education at Lisable Primary School in Ijoko, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Alongside his successful acting career, he is actively engaged in the business of selling motor spare parts. To mark the completion of his studies and his achievement as a spare part dealer, his parents joyously commemorated the occasion by slaughtering two cows for the guests who attended his graduation ceremony.

Fascinatingly, Olu Olowogemo Arijan’s older brother, Ebun Oloyede Olaiya, is also a highly accomplished actor. Particularly noteworthy is his portrayal of memorable characters in the movies “Baba Congo” and “Pari Olodo” during that specific year.