“God! Help me to live generously and love deeply” – Faithia Williams celebrates her 55th birthday today

Faithia Williams, the esteemed veteran in Nollywood, recently marked her 55th birthday with a heartfelt celebration.

Overjoyed and full of gratitude, she penned a note to herself, expressing excitement for another year of growth, happiness, and cherished memories. The actress shared a lively video on her Instagram page, capturing the spirit of the moment as she danced in celebration.

Faithia’s enduring presence in the film industry and her jubilant birthday celebration reflect a career and life filled with achievements and joy.

She wrote: “Embracing another year of growth, laughter, and cherished moments. Here’s to celebrating life’s beautiful journey on my special day! 🎉🎂”

In a subsequent post, she shared stunning photos and declared that, given her strength, she is the only person she can truly trust.

She asked for God’s abundant blessings and an intriguing year full of adventures.

Her words: “I’m the only one person I can trust the most, because I know myself perfectly and even how strong I can be. Hope this year will be interesting and full of adventures🙏🏻 God, on this special day, I ask for Your blessings in abundance. Not just for me, but so I can be a blessing to others🙏🏻Help me to live generously and love deeply🙏🏻❤️ Happy Birthday To Me🎉🥂🍾”

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