“Good Boy Doing Bad Things” Celebrities reacts as Actor Jide Awobona share semi-nud3 photos

Nollywood actor Jide Awobona has sparked a significant buzz with his latest social media post, which has gone viral. In the post, the actor shared semi-naked pictures of himself, seemingly aiming to convey a specific message.

Taking to his Instagram page, Jide expressed how his artistic endeavors have served as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for countless creatives aspiring to exceed his accomplishments, even in the absence of adequate acknowledgment. The post has ignited a flurry of reactions and discussions among his followers and the online community.

He wrote;

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.”

About 2 years ago, I just finished filming my first Major Epic Film ALÁBEDÉ, I created a special look for my character that got me shaving off part of my hair. When I was done filming , I had to go on a clean hair cut to get ready for another character on another movie set, but the creativity in me saw beyond the GORIMAPA hairstyle 😃, different ideas started popping up , but I had to take it slow cos I just got back from OYO and spent my entire savings on that project . Still, I won’t want to waste this look, something must be done,no matter how lite.
So, I reached out to @tobydphotographer, we’ve worked together with my son @sir.femitaylor and I love his works and most importantly, his energy, creativity and attitude towards the art.Told him I wanted a nude picture , he screamed , I said calm down , not nude nude but I have something in my head, so the long story short , we came up with this look and another one( will post it soon).

One thing I love about my art is how it inspires and motivate a lot of creatives to do same and even better , though I don’t get credits for it 😃, but it gladdens my heart when I see people indirectly or unconsciously celebrate my ideas, it pushes me to create more for people to work with.
Tobi, let’s create another Nude , as in “Nude Nude” 😃😃😃😃

Here are some reactions from netizens below;

Yorubabritish wrote; IDAN PHOTOSHOOT 📸 😅👏👏

Moyinuoluwa_favour_adeoye wrote; Role model 💓

Killiangirl Said;👏nude ti daa oo not nude nude nude oo