“Ha! Erekere Make Dele Omo Woli Fell Down For Real Sha”– Funny Moment As Erekere Use Dog To Chase Dele Omo Woli Over This….

Popular comedian Thepastorpikin, often known as Erekere, stirred up drama with Dele Omo Woli by pleading with him to help invite people to his show.

Approaching Dele, Erekere sought his assistance for his show, but Dele mocked him, reminding Erekere of a past incident when he allegedly stole his battery, causing Dele trouble during his own show.

Already prepared for a confrontation, Erekere called his friends for backup, bringing a sizable dog. As Dele attempted to flee, Erekere firmly held onto him, prompting Dele to plead and promise to comply with anything Erekere requested.

After breaking free, he sprinted away but tripped and fell hard. Erekere took advantage of the situation to broadcast his upcoming event scheduled for December 10th to inform everyone.

Watch the video below;

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Mp3_signature wrote: Haaaa.. brother lamide fel down for real sorry!😂😂😂.

Sammiejay_kennah wrote: The dog mhen😂😂😂 quality Rottweilers!!! You can hit up for that kind of quality dog.

Iamofficial_anty_tanwa wrote: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the fall na real one oooooo sorry bro @deleomowoli_mideoladimeji 😂😂😂

Official_timzybabs wrote: You wan kill brother @deleomowoli_mideoladimeji nii see as he fall down 😂😂😂💔💔

Ceejohn77 wrote: The ending is real😢so sorry for the fall @deleomowoli_mideoladimeji ❤️.