“Ha! I want to stop right now, I don’t want my daughter to die” – Herbs seller cancels 300-hours GWR attempt

Eniola Fagbemi, the herbs seller, had initially announced her plan to attempt a Guinness World Record by cooking agbo (herbs) for 300 hours in Ibadan on December 1.

However, she recently declared that she won’t be pursuing this record-breaking attempt.

In a recent Facebook post on Monday, December 4, she clarified that her responsibilities as a mother, especially caring for her child, have restricted her ability to pursue this challenge.

The 25-year-old revealed that her toddler had to be hospitalized during her marathon practice, sharing a picture and mentioning the child’s teething issues.

According to her:

“…Exposing her to long hours of smoke is a danger to her health, and she’s currently teething, and more clingy to me. “Just for the past few days of me doing rehearsals for the Agbo A Thon, has landed her in the hospital because she was lacking my attention.”

“The decision for me to cancel my Agbo A Thon was a hard one, but I believe my daughter will be proud of me in the future that I choose her health first before any other thing.”