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“Ha, That Boy Called Aremu Carry Big Thing Undeer And He His A Man”– Reaction Trails The Trending Video Of Yinka TNT Revealing How Aremu Handle Her In The Other Rooom Share The Video Online (Watch)

A trending video featuring TNT and popular Nollywood actor Aremu has been causing a stir online.

Shared by Tunde Edunt, the video has garnered thousands of views and comments, with TNT expressing her surprise at Aremu’s impressive physique.

In the video, TNT admitted to feeling intimidated by Aremu’s prominent stature, jokingly confessing that she was the one who initiated their interaction, as she had never encountered someone with such a size before.

This video has cause alot of story on the internet has many insist that ladies did not have regards for there body Again.

See reaction below;

Joyce_apeh wrote: Is Instagram a Yoruba nation? Why not use English since it’s not a private video

Dassywealth008 wrote: If you don’t have any relatives that disgrace you online like this, you don’t know what God has done for you

Jayce_talks wrote: If you are Igbo and you understand Yoruba like me, you don’t know what God did for you😂😂😂

Aba_boy1 wrote: Sometimes I’ll just open my fridge and close it gbam Coz the sound makes me feel like I own a car 😅

Opeyemijohn1 wrote: Thank You Lord For Not Giving Us A Disgrace As Mother 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 Wetin be this just after church service 😢😢😢😢😢

Mayor_lakastosh wrote: Se na like this dollar go come down? Una still dey knack as this country be? Wetin dey motivate una?

Donpricey1 Wrote: There was a time when women have dignity and Respect for theirself,, everything is not Cruise,, children of 12 to 15 have access to phones,,we are Africans their are limits to all this things,, before you see a lady u like fear go dey catch u to even say I like you,,ladies get boundaries,,now to tell woman how much let’s knack is very easy,, nothing like trying to treat a woman with respect ND Love or do romantic things,,all u just do is ask them how much for the night,,pay them,,drink enough bitters,knack the hell out of them ND unto the next,,women are pillars of any nation,, Nigerian women please respect yourselves,stop copying America those people not get culture,,their children dey always get psychology problem,,we are Africans now,, later u people LL be complaining about men,but u people have sexualized everything,once u see a Nigerian girl first thing man think is how to pay ND knack, because all u people talk about is money ND men that can knack,,how can we take Nigerian women serious now 😮😮

Esselessy wrote: As I no understand Yoruba language and I don read comment section tire, no translation. Happy blessed Sunday everyone. Always Remember that God loves and cares for you. Shalom❤️

Ms_sandra wrote: With this few point of mine we are now convinced that Yoruba people forbids English 🥹🥹😂😂

Watch The Video Below;