“Happy 17th birthday to my joy of inestimable value, My joy giver ” – Actress Doyin Kukoyi shower prayer on son as he celebrate 17th Birthday today

Nigerian actress Doyin Kukoyi is beaming with pride and joy as she celebrates her son’s 17th birthday today.

The accomplished actress, known for her talent in the entertainment industry, took to her social media account to share this significant moment with her followers and express her heartfelt emotions.

Doyin Kukoyi didn’t just mark the day with a simple greeting; she celebrated it with a heartfelt post that conveyed her immense joy and gratitude for having her son in her life. She shared adorable photos of her son, capturing the essence of their mother-son bond.

In addition to the joy and gratitude, Doyin Kukoyi also extended her love and blessings through powerful prayers for her son as he embarks on this new chapter in his life. Her words of hope and encouragement will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration and support as her son steps into the exciting journey of being 17 years old. This celebration is not just a personal moment for Doyin Kukoyi but also a heartwarming display of the love and affection that mothers hold for their children during important milestones in their lives.

She wrote, “Happy 17th birthday to my joy of inestimable value. My joy giver, my gum body, the most troublesome but still loving buddy.

My Hafisul Quran, my second fruit, Abdulraheem Ayobami, Oluwasolafunmi. May Almighty Allah always be pleased with you. May you always be the best of the best. May lines always fall in pleasant places for you oko mi”.

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