“Happy Birthday To My World”– Actress Olaide Oyedeji Celebrate Her Daughter 9th Birthday Today

Nollywood actress Olaide Oyedeji has utilized her social media platform to commemorate her daughter, Jasmin, who is celebrating her birthday today. The actress shared adorable photographs of herself with Jasmin and conveyed her affection and admiration for her as she turns 9.

On her official Instagram page, Olaide wrote, “Happy 9th birthday, Jasmin, my beloved daughter. If given the opportunity, I would choose you again and again.” The post received significant attention, with many individuals taking to social media to convey their well wishes. Some wished Jasmin continued growth, while others offered prayers for her long life and good health.

Olaide Oyedeji is an exceptionally talented actress who has achieved remarkable success in the film industry. She is currently making a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

We extend our heartfelt birthday greetings to Jasmin and wish her ongoing success in life.

See her post below;

Settle Less For A Man You Earn More Than” – Actress Olaide Oyedeji Advise Ladies

On social media, Nigerian actress Olaide Oyedeji delivered an empowering message aimed at women. In a thought-provoking post, she encouraged diligent ladies not to settle for men who earn less than them.

In her own words, she stated, “To all hardworking women and successful ladies out there, this is extremely important: do not settle down with a man who is beneath you. However, let me clarify that if he was previously well-off or currently going through a rough patch, that’s a different scenario.”

Her words sparked a meaningful conversation centered around topics such as gender equality, financial empowerment, and the significance of recognizing one’s own value.