Happy Birthday To Veteran Yoruba Actress Mosun Filani

Nollywood actress Mosun Filani is marking her birthday and expressing her thankfulness as she embarks on a new chapter in her life. By sharing fresh pictures on her Instagram page, Mosun conveyed her gratitude to God for the precious gift of life.

Through her post, she conveyed her gratefulness for another year of being alive, recognizing and appreciating both the significant and minor blessings in her life. Mosun expressed her appreciation for everything she possesses and underscored that it is through God’s mercy that she has persevered, resulting in her never-ending sense of gratitude.

“Thank u Jesus for the gift of life!
Thank u Jesus for another beautiful year!
Thank u Jesus for the popping grey hair.
Thank u Jesus for plenty! Thank u Jesus for little! Thank u Jesus bcos there has never been nothing! Thank u Jesus bcos there is always something! Thank u LORD cos u are GOD and u changeth not over my life!
Mercy kept me!!

Actress Mosun Filani Share Touching Apology Sent By Her Daughter

In a recent Instagram post, renowned Nollywood actress Mosun Filani shared an intriguing incident involving her daughter’s apology. She posted a screenshot of a sincere handwritten note from her daughter, revealing a rather unique way she chose to make amends.

The note contained an apology from Mosun’s daughter for not apologizing promptly and expressed a firm commitment to avoiding such behavior in the future. By sharing this heartfelt gesture with her followers, the actress possibly aimed to highlight the growth and maturity she observed in her daughter’s actions.

The heartfelt note read, “Mummy, I apologize for the delay in saying sorry. I assure you it won’t happen again, and as for the incident, let’s just put it behind us. I promise it will never, ever recur. I’m truly sorry.”