“Happy Birthday To You OLUMIDE” Actress Lola Idije Says As She Celebrates Her nephew, Actor Aremu Afolayan Birthday Today (photo)

On social media, Lola Idije expressed her heartfelt tribute to her beloved nephew, Aremu Afolayan, as he marked his special day.

Lola couldn’t let the occasion pass without extending her warmest wishes to the talented actor, director, and producer on achieving another significant milestone in his life.

In a heartwarming post on her Instagram page, Lola Idije shared photos Aremu and caption it with “Happy birthday to you OLUMIDE, May you live to celebrate more glorious year in JESUS name 🙏 continue to soar higher @aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil”

The post quickly garnered attention from fans, friends, and colleagues, who flooded the comments section with their own birthday wishes for Aremu Afolayan.

Actor Aremu Afolayan celebrate his birthday

Film Maker and Actor Aremu Afolayan is celebrating his birthday today.The actor took to his official Instagram to wish himself a very happy Birthday.

The actor did not share different photoshoot on his birthday as many other celebrities normally does, all he does was to put on his casual wear, which is kadigan on the video shared, he infact he refer to himself as this guy.

Celebraties like Rotimi Salami, Kunle Afolayan and his fans took there time to celebrate the Exceptional actor

His Message Read:Happy BAIDAY TO THIS GUY…. What will be will be relax…

Actor Aremu Afolayan Share A Heart Touching Story About Himself As He Acquired New Mansion

Yoruba Actor Aremu Afolayan is in the news again, and this time it’s for a great reason – he just acquired a new mansion! The actor took to social media to share photos of the beautiful property, which he revealed he had been working towards for years.

The mansion, located in a prime area of Lagos, boasts of modern architecture and stylish design. It features a large living room, spacious bedrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and luxurious bathrooms, all designed with comfort and elegance in mind.

Aremu Afolayan, who is known for his impressive acting skills, started his career in the Nigerian movie industry over a decade ago. Since then, he has starred in several popular Yoruba movies and has won the hearts of many fans with his talent and charisma.