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“Have Never Toasted A Ladie Before In My life”– Nollywood Actor Ik Ogbonna Makes Shocking Revelation

In a recent interview with Petite Talk Show, Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna made a surprising revelation that caught many off guard.

Despite his charming looks and charismatic personality, the actor admitted that he had never initiated a formal romantic approach towards a woman before. This revelation left many people surprised and intrigued.

During the interview, IK Ogbonna disclosed that he had consistently been in the company of female friends throughout his life. He explained that these close friendships with women often transitioned into romantic relationships organically, without the need for traditional courting. According to him, these friendships would naturally progress to a stage where mutual feelings would surface, eventually leading to a romantic connection.

However, IK Ogbonna acknowledged that he did formally pursue his ex-wife because he viewed her as his future spouse.

Reactions to IK Ogbonna’s Statement

One mhiz.bliss_ had this to say,

“No be every man sabi toast woman sha, most toast their fellow men.”

One moponz had this to say,

“Same women bashing him here will surely toast him indirectly if they were friends”

One shindaracrown0 had this to say,

“He’s lieing even if he’s a Fyn boy not all girl will fall for him”

One taiwo_junzi had this to say,

Asking woman out don turn Quantum Physics.

“I don’t know how to do it” but you fit knack, abi?”Is

One olamiday001 had this to say,

“Yes i believe him, thats how lagos guys does.

They will flirt with you and u too go fall inlove, una go nack tire till he tells u “have i ever asked you to be my girl” so pls i never broke ur heart and u will be like “jesus, na true o he never asked me out for real. Omoh no be me and you o, if u no ask me out even me set go dey flirt with u, lured you and japa. Shele ya werey leko yi ni”

One meetemmanueliacob had this to say,

“True! A lot of men don’t know how to ask a woman out.

If I organise a Masterclass on “how to shoot your shot” you go like attend?“

One sandy_coco__ had this to say,

“Ik lie on us we are your bed”