“He Choke! My Papa Dey Shop For Me”– Iyabo Ojo Daughter Priscillia Says As She Share Video Of His Dad At A Fashion Store (Video)

Priscillia Ojo, daughter of Iyabo Ojo, stirred up a response by posting an Instagram story in which she disclosed her father’s shopping outing.

On her Instagram story, Priscillia Ojo uploaded a video where she unveiled her father’s ongoing shopping excursion.

Priscillia Ojo, the exclusive offspring of Iyabo Ojo, stands out not only as a model but also as a fashion enthusiast who has garnered multiple endorsement agreements with diverse companies and brands. Her career is on a remarkable trajectory, and she’s flourishing with an independent spirit.

Lately, speculations emerged online about a potential romantic involvement between Priscillia and Enioluwa. However, Enioluwa promptly addressed these rumors on the internet, emphasizing that their bond is purely platonic and devoid of romantic connections.

Although they were seen traveling together to South Africa and various local destinations, both Priscillia and Enioluwa remain resolute in asserting that their relationship is rooted solely in friendship. Enioluwa even went as far as confirming that even the South African weather wouldn’t impact their dynamic as friends.

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Actress Iyabo Ojo Speaks On Hardship In The Country Now

Iyabo Ojo, the renowned Nollywood actress, has voiced her concerns about the escalating hardships faced by citizens in the country.

In response to the government’s decision to offer a monthly sum of N8,000 to impoverished Nigerians, Iyabo Ojo pondered whether the people could endure until they experience the promised “Renewed Hope,” which she sees as a mere illusion.

As a single mother of two, she passionately highlighted the severe hunger plaguing the nation, dismissing the government’s palliative measures as nothing more than a farce and an insult to the plight of the people