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“He Don Finally Cast” – Man counts grains of rice from 1 to 980 million as he refuses to trust his girlfriend, video trends (Watch)

Online, a Nigerian man astonished many by meticulously counting grains of rice from one to over 960 million. This unique feat came after he was presented with the choice of either trusting his girlfriend or undertaking the arduous task of counting the grains.

In a video labeled ‘Trust your girlfriend or count rice,’ the man was seen meticulously counting the grains without any errors, proceeding one by one in a highly precise manner.

In the video circulating on social media, he flawlessly counted from one to over 960 million grains, showcasing an incredible feat that captured widespread attention.

Many internet users were surprised and wondered what might have caused him to mistrust his girlfriend to the point of counting grains of rice.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments shown below:

MuM LaStCaRd said, “bro you are the solution to Nigeria problem 🥺”.

distinctBrands said, “He no go better for you as you allow us to save it 😂”.

chimaobi said, “you didn’t put any rice when you counted 960m 13 14 15 and didn’t count 960m 16,,, you have to start afresh or trust your girlfriend 🙄”.

zereiwu thomasmore ebube said, “let me help you and count, because my baby can lie”.

enyinnaya089 said, “😆😆😆😆😆😆😆your village people swear for u”.