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“He is currently in need of our assistance because he is very ill and unable to even stand or walk” – Pastor Gabriel Demands Online Assistance for Veteran Actor Sule Sue Bebe (Watch Video)

Pastor Gabriel Agbala has recently made the decision to seek online assistance for veteran actor Sule Sue Bebe.

In a recent Facebook post, Pastor Gabriel Agbala revealed that Sule Sue Bebe is currently facing health complications.

On behalf of Pastor Gabriel Agbala and Sule Sue Bebe’s fans worldwide, we kindly request your support to help him regain a better quality of life.

Please find below Pastor Gabriel Agbala’s recent post:

“Currently, Sule Sue Bebe is facing severe difficulty in standing and even more so in walking. He is dealing with health issues, and he shared this picture with me this morning.

To all our supporters, are we ready to make a difference? May God bless each and every one of our supporters.

We are making preparations for him tomorrow, on Saturday.”

Famous9ja recently reported that Dayo Adewunmi, a renowned veteran actor widely known as Sule Sue Bebe, has reached out for financial support through Pastor Gabriel Agbala on Facebook.

Sule Sue Bebe took a video of himself and shared it with Pastor Gabriel Agbala, seeking assistance. In the video, the esteemed actor spoke in Yoruba and emphasized the potential danger of keeping silent about one’s own situation. He revealed that he has never owned a car or built a house throughout his life. Sule Sue Bebe mentioned that he has been relying on a motorcycle, commonly known as an “okada,” for transportation between different places.