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“He Said To Me Before His Said To Hide His Child So That Those People Will Not Harm Him”– Late Mohbad wife Reveal The Cause Of His Husband Death (Details)

The wife of the late singer Mohbad has revealed the circumstances surrounding his passing. She shared the details on her Instagram Stories, explaining that her late husband had been battling for his life before ultimately succumbing.

She recounted how Mohbad had taken steps to process their visas to hide from individuals who were pursuing him before his tragic demise.

The wife, although not explicitly pointing fingers at those responsible for her late husband’s death, alluded to possible connections, possibly hinting at his former boss, Naira Marley.

However, the exact cause of his demise remains uncertain, as there is no concrete evidence to definitively explain the circumstances surrounding his death.

The wife post caption:

This Nigga struggled till death,too many pains,threatening,he has always lived with fears,continuous fights everywhere he goes too, he has never been happy for a whole day..he was called a junkie,a mad person,mental issue so the public would have another view about him… he’s dead at least you all won,take ur trophy

Nothin makes him happy no more,even after seeing his baby he became more worried.he’s now a family man he doesn’t want anything to happen to us…I was supposed to collect my baby’s passport yesterday so we could process our traveling,he always say to me…Wunmi pls go for my baby sake,I wouldn’t want this people to harm you and him it will break me…you just go,let me face them myself

llerioluwa rest in peace..you really need that peace.

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