“He Was Alive When he was Brought To The Hospital”- Eyewitness reveal shocking details about Mohbad’s death

According to an eyewitness who shared a voice message to recount the incident, Mohbad was unquestionably alive when he reached the hospital.

This eyewitness account provides further insight into the tragic events that unfolded on that fateful day.

An eyewitness present at the hospital during the arrival of the late Mohbad has made a startling statement, shedding further light on the tragic events of that fateful day.

According to this eyewitness, Mohbad was undeniably alive upon his arrival at the hospital. The account was conveyed through a voice message submitted by the eyewitness.

The witness detailed being in the reception area when Mohbad, accompanied by his friends, entered the medical facility. Despite his illness, Mohbad was described as humble when approached by the witness, who eagerly requested a photograph with the artist. Mohbad graciously agreed to the photo request before proceeding into a hospital ward, with the witness noting the whites of his eyes.

The eyewitness observed a sudden surge of activity among the nurses and others in the room where Mohbad had been admitted, approximately 30 minutes after his arrival.

As relayed by the witness, the nurses conveyed the unfortunate news that Mohbad had been pronounced dead. The witness found it peculiar that Mohbad’s friends promptly removed his “lifeless” body from the hospital, especially given that he was entirely shirtless.

The eyewitness raised a pertinent question: why didn’t Mohbad’s companions leave him at the hospital for a more extended period, allowing medical professionals at least a chance to attempt to revive him? This situation left many others perplexed and seeking answers as they hastily left the hospital.

It’s crucial to emphasize that this narrative is solely based on the account of a single eyewitness, and its accuracy cannot be confirmed. The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death remain unclear.