Heartfelt Congratulations pour In As Man Proposes Marriage To Damola Olatunji Ex-Wife Bukola Arugba (Watch Video)

Nollywood actress Bukola Arugba, who was once married to Damola Olatunji, shared a radiant video of herself from inside a car on her Instagram account. In the video, she appears even more stunning than usual, with her cheeks looking soft and glowing.

In her post, she extends warm wishes to her fans and followers for a happy new week and blesses them ahead as they venture out to pursue their daily endeavors.

Her words reads; Thank You sweet Father for a new blessed week 🙏🏽
#Grace 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Skin glow ; @blemishcarecosmetics_nig

To The surprised of everyone, a man took to the comment section to propose love to actress Bukola Arugba, the man said can’t you say yes to me, I’m deeply in love with you.

Her fans were quick to react as Many claim the guy is too small for him and some even use laughing emoji to demonstrate there reaction why a lady question thems that his he not human and why are people underrating him.

“I didn’t realize my own worth because I gave myself away for free”– Bukola Arugba Share Touching Story About Herself (Watch)

Nollywood actress Bukola Arugba recently took to her Instagram page to share the valuable insights she has gained in life. Apart from her acting career, Bukola Arugba is also a poet and writer, and she gave her fans and followers a glimpse of her poetic work.

One of the lessons she disclosed is the significance of not underestimating oneself and refusing to settle for anything less than what God has intended for one’s life. She emphasized the crucial need to acknowledge and embrace the inherent worth that God has bestowed upon each individual.

Moreover, Bukola Arugba emphasized another important lesson she has learned: no matter how much success and accomplishments one may possess, those who fail to recognize one’s true value will persist in doing so, regardless of external recognition. Read More:

See the photo and video below;