“Help me beg Portable to give Abuga the money he owe him, because he abandoned me and his child after promising to marry me” Baby mama to Portable’s new signee cries out

Recently, Abuga, the latest artist signed under Potable’s record label, found himself embroiled in controversy when a woman claiming to be his baby mama posted a heart-rending video on social media. Holding a child purportedly fathered by Abuga, she pleaded for help to contact him, accusing him of neglecting parental duties and abandonment.

The woman’s plea was poignant as she detailed how Abuga, despite promises of marriage and a shared future, had remained unreachable for months. She expressed the challenges of being a single mother and the pain of raising a child without paternal support, portraying a narrative that’s unfortunately all too common and deeply personal.

This controversy emerged amid ongoing issues within Potable’s label, following past conflicts involving another signee, Yung Du. Potable openly expressed remorse for signing Yung Du, blaming him for discord within the label. Abuga’s signing came shortly after Yung Du’s departure, hinting at a new chapter for the label. However, this recent turmoil once again raises questions about Potable’s judgment.

This presents a challenge not just for Abuga but also for Potable’s label, striving to establish credibility in the industry. It’s a test of their ability to navigate internal conflicts and address controversies involving their artists. The public is keenly observing how Abuga and Potable’s label will handle these serious allegations.

You all should help me tell @abugaofficial to do the right thing it’s been few months now he refuse to pick my calls or messages I’m tired of been a single mother this was not initial plan 9 he promised me marriage he said we don’t need to fix a date for my introduction but he stopped picking my call she’s 6months already with no fatherly care I’m tired already and I can’t take it anymore (a fa fa fo y’all should help me beg him im pained no woman deserves this”