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Here’s the reason why nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo left his life as a banker to entertainment industry

During the TVC segment, Seven of Seven, the actor elaborated on his decision to switch careers, highlighting that he departed from the banking industry to explore his true identity and calling. Feeling unfulfilled in banking, he made the choice to leave and seek his true path back home.

He began, “Working in a bank in America was something that I had to do after school but switching was something I had to do in pursuit of my self discovery and what I wanted to be in life. You know I couldn’t settle for that nine to five lifestyle, I wanted to find and create myself.”

When asked to give advice to people considering a similar career switch, the actor comically exclaimed: “Ah” before saying, “you have to have some balls, ah you have to stay determined. With that, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. My entire family lives there. I have friends there and I grew up there. So it’s not like I went to America to work. I was raised in America, in Chicago to be precise. So sometimes I go back to connect.”

Similarly, Nigerian singer Mayorkun also once considered pursuing a career in the banking industry. However, he took a step back when he found himself relegated to the role of an errand boy at the bank where he worked, despite having the qualifications for the field.