“Hide your babe, big boy don enter town or I go collect am” – Nigerian hottest boy strictly warns men (Video)

A Nigerian young man has generated significant online attention by issuing a playful yet bold warning to his fellow men, advising them to protect their girlfriends from him.

In a video that circulated widely, he confidently stood in a public place, delivering a humorous caution to men involved in committed relationships.

He encouraged them to maintain their strength and loyalty in their relationships, suggesting that otherwise, he might end up “claiming” their girlfriends.

Drwaltz1960 reacted: “That comment you’re looking for, use your hand and type it. But God Dey create oh sha😂😂😂😂.” said: “For a minute, I thought it was that filter 😩.”

Bigbelly_hypeman stated: “This one na Tunde Head North 😂😂😂😂😂.”

Drwaltz1960 stated: “If Headies was a person 😂😂😂😂.”

l.tobiloba said: “If Headward catch your head, she won’t get over the head she’ll get.”

Chyddo added: “I cant seem to laugh at bro or his comedy, he shouldn’t put himself to ridicule or laughter like this, he might capitalize off it but the stigma might not be good at the long run, he needs to do something else or get adequate help. The dark humor is unfunny.”

Watch the video below: