“Hmm! How Can He Be More Humble Than This”– How Funke Akindele Is Stoping Tobi Makinde From Exploring Other Production (Details)

Popular Instagram blogger Tosin Silverdam has drawn attention to a possible situation between Funke Akindele and her boy Tobi.

Tosin pointed out that he observed Funke Akindele might not be allowing Tobi to work for other productions apart from hers exclusively.

He elaborated, expressing concerns about something possibly amiss, hoping it wasn’t the case in reality.

Though many of his fans testify to his observations while some insist that Tobi is still under mentorship and he need to calm down for him to gain fame for himself.

Tosin Wrote: I just hope the story I’m hearing about Funke Akindele having issues with her protege Tobi Makinde is not true. Tobi want to explore others but Funke doesn’t want him to work for other productions except hers. I noticed something is off. I really hope it’s not true… Allegedly!

See social reaction below;

_shegzzzz Wrote: When you’re under full mentorship backed with sponsorship you have to be humble and give it time , He’s like an investment to her don’t be quick to judge guys , Definitely he’ll work for other productions but it’s too soon it’s a process.

He hasn’t made a name for himself yet, he’s known because of her and her platform
It’s all about discipline and timing guys

Evidently Funke has used her platform to lift D list Actors to the spotlight in Nollywood.

You can’t turn a blind eye to your protégé trying to take leaps without your guidance then why is she supporting him and practically given him her platform ?
The movie industry isn’t a charity station
When you have talent and no interest and sponsorship is coming from influential personalities there’s no biggie about you .

Please try and get the context and don’t pass or believe false narratives.

Officialmerald wrote: I noticed it too… It’s very obvious… She doesn’t comment on his post, she omitted him when giving shout out, he is not in any meet or greet plus other things I noticed… Anyways na them sabi

Maureenmaly wrote: Lol someone in the comments said Tobi needs to humble. Lol 😂 y’all pleasssseeeeee… none of you here would take 1/4 of what Tobi has taken but has constantly kept a smiling face.

Classicdee_official wrote: All these young stars better calm down and submit themselves to mentorship. The guy is not really that good at acting, but the way this woman pushes him and keeps him in the spotlight amazes me. He has really improved over time, but i hope he realizes that he’s not there yet. People close to him should advise him to chill, or he’ll regret his actions when he gets used and dumped.

Faith_burm wrote: That was how they were bashing her then during Toyo’s saga, not knowing that Toyo is the one at fault. E continue, she no go kuku talk anything😁