“Hope My Twice Dey Kick”– Congratulations Are In Order As Lateef Adedimeji Finally Confirmed That Is Wife Oyebade Adebimpe Is Carrying His Twins (Watch)

Lateef Adedimeji and his wife, Oyebade Adebimpe, have been delighting their fans with an online video series. In one of the videos posted on his Instagram page, Lateef was playfully hinting that his wife is expecting twins soon.

In a lighthearted moment, he recited the lineage of twins in Yoruba, making it sound funny and almost like an incantation. After reciting the lineage, he humorously asked his viewers to let his wife give birth to twins first. The video series has been creating a buzz among their followers and bringing smiles to many faces.

The actor wrote on his wall: Oriki ibeji re o for those of you who doesn’t know
Where are the ibeji in the house?

Though it’s a comedy skirt but rumours had it that Lateef Adedimeji and his wife Adebimpe Adedimeji Oyebade is currently expecting Thier first child but it’s glaring now that Adebimpe Adedimeji Oyebade is currently expecting Thier first child

“This Girl Dey Stubborn sha”– Lateef Adedimeji Says As He Share Video Online Questioning His Wife, See Mo Bimpe Reply

Adedimeji Lateef, a highly talented Nollywood actor, recently shared on Instagram a video featuring himself and his wife, Adebimpe Oyebade, affectionately known as Mo Bimpe. The video was taken during the ORISA Show movie screening at Ikeja cinema, which also involved Odunlade Ademola.

In the video, Lateef playfully revealed that his wife, Adebimpe, often teases and jokes with him, both at home and online, which some may perceive as bullying. In response, Mo Bimpe jokingly questioned who is actually the one doing the bullying. This playful exchange garnered reactions online, with some advising Mo Bimpe to leave Lateef Adedimeji alone, as it was all in good fun.