“Hope no be one bobo she the give all her money”- Aunty Ramota under fire for unexplained ₦50k weekly allowance

Nollywood actress Aunty Ramota stirred discussions on social media when she was prompted to explain how she utilizes a weekly allowance of 50,000 naira.

In a video titled: ‘They prompted Aunty Ramota to detail her weekly 50,000 naira spending, but she looked away,’ the Nollywood actress seemed disinterested.

A man off-screen questioned her about the expenditure, yet she didn’t offer a clear explanation, merely mentioning purchasing a phone recently with the money.

However, the man persisted, highlighting that her 50,000 naira weekly allowance was contributed by her fans or supporters who regularly send her money for her needs.

Her response and demeanor towards the inquiry caught the attention of social media users, prompting a flood of observations and comments in the section below the video.

See some reactions below:

halizbabe: “‎She don use am buy bleaching cream.”

haddunyola: “‎They should increase her money i beg them

annykiss873: “‎she be landlady now make she enjoy her life oooo,na dere she buy okele resturant nd cream oooo.”

Folorunso Khadija: “‎NHA everytime aunty ramota dey buy phone.”

halizbabe: “‎She don use am buy bleaching cream.”

tosinola4: “‎Aunty Ramota living large like that? Nah wah oooo.”

Bukonla Odufejo: “‎leave this woman alone now.Shes old enough to do what she likes with her money.”

Temi Karr: “‎There are other people who are in neeed of money. Stop helping this people.”

Bosslady: “‎She’s just good in taking advantage of people’s generosity Messi. ‎she doesn’t not know what 50k is. Don’t pull wool, please.”