“Hope No Be Wetin We Dey Think” – Trending Video Of Naira Marley And Mohbad With… Stir Massive Reaction (Watch)

A Viral Video Depicting Naira Marley and Late Mohbad Raises Public Interest

The video in question highlights the complex history between Mohbad and Naira Marley, who were formerly associated under Marlians record label. However, their relationship took a sour turn in 2022, ultimately leading to their parting ways.

Following the unfortunate passing of 27-year-old Mohbad on September 12th, 2023, there has been a surge in internet users searching for videos featuring him and Naira Marley. Recent revelations suggest that Naira Marley’s close associate, Sam Larry, may have subjected Mohbad to harassment and assault during his lifetime.

The trending clip circulating on social media appears to illustrate how Naira Marley had a significant influence on his signees, particularly Mohbad, and suggests that this influence may have been detrimental, especially during their time together in 2021.

In the video, it’s depicted that Naira Marley placed guns and what appeared to be grams of cocaine in front of Mohbad, creating a scene reminiscent of drug cartel vibes often seen in Mexican movies. These revelations have stirred further controversy and concern.

The video suggests that Naira Marley further influenced Mohbad by providing him with the substances he was smoking. Mohbad is depicted as receiving and smoking these substances in his boss’s presence, indicating a level of influence and participation. This footage adds to the growing concerns and discussions surrounding their association.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

wendy_adammaaaaa: No be drugsss be that? It’s giving cartel boss! Nah now all these Mexican drug movies I Dey watch don Dey useful. Oti ye mi.

ajike_ghana: He needed to play along so that they don’t take him@out in that chair.. the reason he left them. They still took out because his parents failed him! They should have granted the interviews they are now granting.

ola_wale_010: Na him and ndlea Dey do the business na why dem use am do ambassador oloriburuku people😢😢.

i_adamzy_: People just blaming naira Marley for everything meanwhile there’s no evidence naira Marley never assaulted him by himself. Even when they had disagreement naira went on live to explain himself, he said he can’t do anything to harm mohbad that it’s just a family issue. I no be big fan of naira but it’s likely that he is innocent for the crime everyone is accusing him of. Talking about smoking which musician no de smoke?

ify_riri222: Mohbad been desperate to be signed to a record label, unknowingly joined a drug cartel. When he saw he can’t do it no more, he wanted out that was why they were after his life until they killed him. Y’all know how this cartels works they don’t give you full details of what they do until you join them. All that boy wanted to do was make music, trust the devil to show himself. He stop smoking after he left Marlians, he even said it in one of his songs.

creamy.dency: This why he didn’t want to let him go easily Even though he came from poor background he never wanted to do anything evil or ill business or anything that stood against his morals.