“How is this possible” – Nigerian lady causes buzz as she shows off her 5 months and 2 weeks babies (Video)

An attention-grabbing Nigerian woman gained widespread online attention by posting a video featuring her 5-month-old twins on her TikTok account, @little.orangeboy, sparking reactions across social media platforms.

In the video, the mother showcased her babies on the bed and asked netizens if they had any specific terms for the unique birth of her twins.

It’s an extremely rare but medically recognized phenomenon known as Superfetation.

This occurs when a second pregnancy takes place alongside an existing one, involving the fertilization of another egg by sperm and its implantation in the womb days or even weeks after the initial one.

Babies born from superfetation are mostly called Irish twins, which was originated in the 1800s as a way to mock the Irish catholic immigrant families who did not have access to birth control.

Internet users got amazed as they wondered if the two week baby and five month old son could be from the same woman.

Watch the video below:

The video quickly went viral with thousand of likes. Social media users trooped to share their thoughts.

Read some comments shown below:

kaltonkeron said, “its only me who doesn’t understand Irish twins 😂😳”.

Ibkimperialstiches01🪡✂️🧵 said, “Irish twins ko,sweet potato sweet twins nii 😂😂,God abeg”.

jennyjay09 said, “I don’t understand….the two weeks refused to come out abi na the 5months rush comot?”

teagan said, “this shown consistent knacking while on pregnancy, haaaa onidokido 😁, Congratulations tho”.

AKE47 said, “months are not monthing😁”.

user2544469515575 said, “I don’t understand, can someone explain..”