“How many days you don they there and you don Dey fresh”– Fans Tease Sisi Quadri As He Drop New Video From Cairo (Watch)

Nollywood actor, Sisi, has been making waves online in recent days after his travel to Cairo, the capital of Egypt. His social media updates have kept fans and followers intrigued by his adventures in this vibrant city.

Sisi has been actively sharing pictures and videos of his trip, giving a sneak peek into his Cairo experience. In one of his latest videos, he enthusiastically revealed that he was at the Cairo Festival City Mall, a popular shopping and entertainment destination in the city. This mall is known for its luxurious shopping outlets, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, making it a must-visit spot for tourists.

What caught the attention of many was Sisi’s use of the slang “father” and his request for people to address him as “baba ebu 1.” The meaning and significance behind this slang remain a mystery to the public, leaving fans intrigued and eager to know more about the actor’s playful persona.

Sisi’s engaging and lighthearted social media updates have not only showcased his sense of humor but also provided a glimpse into his travels, allowing fans to virtually join him on his Cairo adventure. Through his posts, he is connecting with his audience and sharing his joy and excitement while exploring the rich culture and attractions of the Egyptian capital.

As Sisi continues to enjoy his time in Cairo and share his experiences online, his followers can’t help but be entertained and inspired by his adventurous spirit and unique style. His trip to Cairo serves as a reminder of the power of social media in bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans, offering a more personal and relatable connection between the two.

Sisi Quadri, presently savoring his vacation in Cairo, is brimming with excitement about his inaugural trip outside Nigeria. His visit to Cairo represents a significant milestone in his illustrious career in the movie industry.

Many fans who took to the comment section asked why he is raising his shoulder only because he traveled to Egypt What if it’s European countries?

His words read: Them father .call me baba ebu 1
Cairo festival city mall ♥️

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Akinleye902: How many days yhu don they their and yhu don Dey fresh

Sanusiheedris: Why you come dey buga for Cairo like this,if you come enter Canada or Yankees nko

Chopper_whyte: Egbon mi eti pu ro in ilu oshogbo na Ewa wo bata te wo 😂😂😂

Alissamartins2: Na only this trouser you carry travel 😢?

Starlovers_blog: No go abuse people for cairo o😂😂😂😂