“How This Una London Take Different From Lagos Now? ” – Nkechi Blessing lament after staying 1 hour in traffic

Popular actress Nkechi Blessing, who can get stuck in traffic for up to an hour, feels that London is just like Lagos.

The Nollywood actress has shared her experiences thus far while she is in London, United Kingdom.

She did, however, acknowledge that she had been sitting in Plumstead, London, traffic for up to an hour without any cars moving.

She questioned how the European nation was any different from Lagos, where such incidents were frequent.

Nkechi Blessing wrote:

“How this una London take different from Lagos now? Almost 1 hour inside traffic…SMH!!!”

Recall that Actress Nkechi Blessing surprised a concerned fan when she responded to their inquiry regarding the frequent breakup of her relationships within a short span of time.

As many are aware, there is a current social media buzz suggesting that the actress and her younger partner have parted ways.

The reports indicate that the couple, who had been setting continuous relationship goals, split up only a year after they began dating.

Concerned fans who view their ship as an inspiration have made demands for clarification.

One fan, known as Ayomide. took to the comment section of Nkechi Blessing’s post to ask why her relationship keeps crashing every 6 months.

ayomide_mother_of_2 asked; “Everything post weyre that why ur relationship dey break like yam every 6 month”

However, the actress had decided to lay curse on the two child of the netizen.

Nkechi Blessing wrote in response …

“@ayomide_mother_of_2 those two children go experience worse in Jesus name”

Another netizen, sarampa_ wrote: “Nkechi you should have just talk back at her, and let her kids out of it. Remember you’re a mum and u wouldn’t want anyone to involve ur boy in anything.” Reacting,

Nkechi Blessing wrote: ” @sarampa_ make God p#nish you and her as if no be person born me too”