“I Am Everything Well” Actress Allwell Ademola embraces self-worth days after receiving online trolls’ criticism regarding her career

Nigerian actress and singer, Allwell Ademola, utilized social media to proudly emphasize her name after addressing online critics who questioned her career.

Showcased in an attire suitable for an outing, Ademola posted pictures of herself accompanied by a caption that conveyed the significance of her name, confirming her embodiment of well-being in all aspects of her life.

Taking to Instagram, she confidently declared, “I am everything well.”

Following a brief encounter with online trolls who directed negative attention towards her musical journey spanning more than two decades, Ademola exhibited a display of self-assurance.

Expressing her discontentment with the hurtful remarks she encountered regarding her career, the actress openly disclosed her emotions upon being invited as a guest artist for a recent show.

It’s funny some people saw my band performance yesterday and I see comments like
“You don dey sing ni”?
“Everybody sha want to sing”
And so on.
Well no be today o, this was 15yrs ago o.
And the band Allwell & Company is over 22yrs o
Ire o”

Allwell Ademola Celebrate Her Mother Birthday

In a heartwarming gesture, Allwell Ademola, renowned for her work in the entertainment industry, recently used her official social media platform to commemorate her mother’s 70th birthday. She shared an endearing photograph of her mother, accompanied by a touching message expressing her profound love.

Allwell also kindly requested her fans to offer prayers for her beloved mom. The touching image sparked a flurry of reactions online, as fans and fellow celebrities flooded the comments section with heartfelt birthday wishes and compliments for her mother.

With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Allwell Ademola stands out as a highly skilled actress, film director, and producer. Throughout her remarkable journey, her mother has played a pivotal role in shaping her life. She has been a source of strength, a prayer warrior, a devoted supporter, and a trusted confidante to Allwell. Her unwavering encouragement and belief in her daughter’s acting career have positioned her as Allwell’s biggest fan.

Mothers hold an exceptional place in the hearts of their children, deserving celebration not only on their birthdays but every single day. They serve as the sturdy pillars in their children’s lives, warranting cherishment and protection at all costs.