“I am in pain, I do not want to dIe young please” Portable begs for prayers over untimely death as he battles sickness

Famous street rapper Portable Omolalomi, currently battling an illness that has left him immobile, has pleaded for prayers.

Just days after his release from detention for missing an auto payment, the singer is now facing serious health issues.

In a video shared on his Instagram story, Portable asked his fans for their prayers, emphasizing the severe pain he is experiencing.

The singer further alleged to be fighting for his life amongst evil eyes lurking in the shadow, envious of his success and career.

Sharing a video of himself on a drip, the Zazuu crooner prayed against untimely death while assuring his fans of his return.

“Pain all over my body somebody pray for me I don’t want to die young. We don’t regret we go hard you can’t be comfortable being you in the mist of people that don’t want you. Be you let the stress go and let the blessings flow. Zazuuu am coming stronger make una help me thank God,” he captioned the video.

In another post, he assured his fans of his fight against the sickness, “No panic I still dey feel pain am alive bobo no go die young.”

Watch the video below…